My Waiting on God Testimony!

This is my very first blog post and I am super excited to be starting this new journey!
Since so many people have questions about how to go about having a godly relationship and I am a big advocate of doing relationships God’s way, I thought it’d be best to start by sharing the testimony of how God brought my now husband and I together. I was led by God to write the first part back in March 2013 about 8 months after we got engaged and to share it on social media. The second part is the update of how God supernaturally provided for our wedding and how things are going now since we’ve become husband and wife. It was truly a miracle how God brought us together and our testimony has blessed many people so far. I pray that it blesses you as well!

Pic from our engagement photo shoot

I was only 19 years old when God began to tell me who my husband was. I knew that I would get married one day but I thought it would be later in life like at the age of 24 or 25. So when God began to tell me that this guy was my husband I thought it was the devil and/or my flesh. I fought against it hard but it didn’t go anywhere, God continued to confirm it over and over. Eventually I received it. God told me to patiently wait and that in His timing He would reveal it to the guy and have him come to me. At the time I was in a ministry that taught about the no boyfriend/girlfriend revelation. That God is not down with it and it’s not God’s order. God is able to give you a spouse without you test driving several different people. Simply keep your eyes on the Lord and He will reveal and bring your spouse to you in His timing. He is the one that chooses for us and He already knows who the person is therefore He does not need our fleshly assistance. As my pastor would say, ‘You are not boyfriend/girlfriend material you are husband/wife material. God does not play house, He build’s families.’ God confirmed to me Himself that He desires for relationships to be done differently, not like how the world does it. So I complied with His order and did not date. And sure enough when He saw fit, in His timing, He revealed to me who my God-ordained husband was.

Within the time span of waiting there was much dying to my flesh, God did a lot of purging, pruning, and showing me wicked things in my heart; I learning what true worship was and how to live out a lifestyle of true worship. God stripped me of many things even in the natural so that I had no choice but to depend on Him and draw closer to Him. He took me through a very painful process of transformation (John 12:24). I learned that God was my husband and dealt with Him like my First Love. I learned how to pray, fast, intercede, make war, and stand strong through trials. It was a process that took great patience and great faith because there were times where I doubted the word and because I did not know when it would happen I had to learn to trust God like never before and not care how long it took. It was first and foremost about my relationship with God, He was using it to build me up in Him. It was more than just getting married, God was using this to build up my faith, strengthen my spirit man, and prepare me for where He was taking me in the Kingdom. God will use whatever trial or situation He desires to use to get you where He needs you to be, and for me this was one of the things He chose to use. IT WAS ALL FOR HIS GLORY!! NOT JUST TO GET A RING ON MY FINGER OR GET MY LAST NAME CHANGED BUT TO BRING GLORY TO HIMSELF THROUGH MY LIFE!!

At our wedding shower, one month before the wedding! Ahhhh!!!
At our wedding shower, one month before the wedding! Ahhhh!!!

Fast forward about 2 ½ years, the very same brother in Christ that God revealed to me was my husband, called me one day and told me that God revealed to him that I was his wife. Not once throughout the time of waiting did I tell him or give him hints. NOT ONCE THROUGHOUT THAT TIME DID WE DATE AROUND OR DATE EACH OTHER. God allowed us to be friends during that time but I still had to wait on God to tell him. It was not easy, it was very hard. I cried, doubted God and asked God ‘why me?’ many times. There were times I would have rather not known but God chose to tell me ahead of time and through God’s strength I was able to wait until the word manifested. GOD IS FAITHFUL, HE KEEPS HIS WORD!!! IF HE SAID HE WOULD DO SOMETHING AND HAS CONFIRMED IT MANY TIMES, THEN KNOW THAT HE WILL DO IT AND CAN DO IT WITHOUT YOU GETTING IN HIS WAY!! We have been engaged now for almost 8 months and from what God has been revealing to us (and what He revealed to me in my time of waiting), godly marriages are for a greater purpose!! You can’t just wanna get married just to have sex and live a comfortable life!! If you can’t pray, stand in the gap, make war, worship, love God more than a spouse, die to your flesh, live holy, obey God, sacrifice, etc., then you’re not ready for marriage. Marriage is ministry. God is using the two of you to prepare one another for the return of Christ!! He wants to use your marriage as a ministry to others to cause them to come to Christ. It’s not just about you, it’s greater than you. IF YOU ARE NOT KINGDOM- MINDED WHILE YOU ARE SINGLE THEN YOU WON’T BE KINGDOM MINDED WHEN YOU GET MARRIED!! Everything that God does has purpose; it’s not about pleasing and tickling our flesh. Trust God’s timing for your life; don’t try to run ahead of Him. What you have planned for your life may not be what He has planned. I didn’t think I’d be engaged by the age of 22, but here I am. AND I DIDN’T HAVE TO DATE AROUND TO ‘SEE WHAT I LIKED’!!! GOD ALREADY KNEW WHO MY SPOUSE WAS, AND WHEN HE SAW THAT WE WERE READY HE BROUGHT US TOGETHER, WE DIDN’T BRING OURSELVES TOGETHER!! God had it all written down in His book before we were even born, but it all depended on our obedience and surrender to His will and plans for our lives. God knows what’s best for His children.


Our last moments as a single man and single woman…right before the vows!!

So my husband and I got married on June 28, 2014! We shared our FIRST KISS on our wedding day AT THE ALTER after we said “I do,” meaning we also did not have sex until the wedding night and I was able to save my virginity for my husband!! The way God brought us through our engagement, wedding preparations, and wedding day was AMAZING!!! For one, we didn’t have a dime for a wedding but God clearly let us know that He wanted us to have a wedding. We didn’t know how it would happen or where the provision would come from but we had no choice but to trust God. We had to believe that if He could bring us together the way that He did then He would provide for the actual wedding AND every day after. So we planned and planned as if we already had the funds, we saved what we could when we could, and we talked about dates and some of the things we wanted in our wedding. I personally had many thoughts of doubt and unbelief just because things were not looking like we would be able to have a wedding and of course there were those who spoke against the whole idea of us getting married at that time. In spite of my doubtful thoughts and people’s opinions, God continued to assure me (us) that He would provide. Fast forward to the end of our engagement……by the time the wedding came around God had provided supernaturally as He said He would — He had people give us fat checks left and right and had people give and do some things for us for FREE. We had around 336 wedding guests, a wedding ceremony and reception with more than what we expected, a nice long honeymoon, no left over debt but instead money left over to use for after the wedding, and most importantly the presence and blessing of God was there!! The total cost was about $22,000 and none of it came from our pockets!!!! (A laborer is worth his hire, right?) It all literally came from God! He said He would provide and He did!! Not only that but God used the wedding ceremony and reception as a way for us to minister to our guests about how He put us together and how He provided. And He most definitely used it to bring our faith to a whole new level!

If you’re reading this, know that God is a miracle working God who wants to be involved in your relationships and wants to be the One who writes your love story. Trust Him. Your story may not be like mine and God may not provide for you the same way that He did for us, but trust He’s already written it out and He already knows how He wants to provide for you. All He needs is your obedience. He can’t work with you and give you His best for you without a heart of obedience. Trust His times and seasons for your life. Because we obeyed God in bringing us together, trusted Him through our season of engagement, and upheld godly standards, He did ABOVE AND BEYOND what we expected!! Experiencing Him move in such a mighty way in the beginning of our relationship enables us to trust Him through our marriage and for the rest of our lives together. We serve an AWESOME and MIGHTY God!!

Our first dance at our reception as Mr. & Mrs.!! 😀

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    1. This (your testimony) blessed me so much. I know who my husband is too. It’s crazy…
      As in amazing… the way God does things. I googled… What to do when God shows a man his wife and was blessed by God’s confirming reassure through your testimony. It is just like you said… Hard to try to stay calm and embrace the process. God is stripping me down to my purpose and his perfect will for my life. I know he is doing the same for him. I am so stoked. I can hardly contain myself with excitement. God is so reliable and dependable. My words to God were “I am not celibate. I am abstinent. ” To be A Wife Only… I can wait. And OK am worth the wait. God is such a provider. Only if we would obey and surrender. Thanks, So much….
      Congratulations 🎆


    2. Hi
      Thank you so much for sharing your testimony. .This is is so encouraging and helpful
      May God always shower his blessings upon you and your family.
      I have a question..what ways did God confirm to you that he was your future husband?


    3. Hi Maria.. do u have an email address I can ask u something through? I’d really like to be assured to ask you is private..thank you and God bless you


  1. Your story is so inspiring. This is exactly what I am going through. God has revealed him to me but has asked me to wait and when it is time he will make all things beautiful. I thought it was my flesh initially as I was never of the school of thought that God reveals ones spouse.


  2. Thank you for sharing your story. It has given me strength to persevere through my time of waiting, growing and being obedient.


  3. I’m up at 4 am and I am
    So glad I read this thanks for sharing! I have to learn how to be patient and grow my relationship with God.


  4. very inspiring indeed. I thought God had revealed to me who my husband to be was and not the flesh deceiving me.I still think


  5. God bless you. i was just wondered to this amazing work of God.actually I am going through same situation that you had gone. God revealed him.and I strongly believe on his miracles at all.really i learned much more things by this precious wok of God.BIG CONGRATULATIONS BOTH OF YOU.AND ENTIRE BLESSING FOR YOUR LIFE LONG….ALL GLORY GOES TO JESUS….


  6. Thank you for sharing, I needed to read this!!

    I’ve ‘dated’ and had a couple of broken relationships and I know it was because god wasn’t at the centre of it. But I feel God telling me enough is enough and it’s time I did it right!!

    I’ve been focusing on god more after a trial I had with a man I thought I would marry that turned from god and I felt as though I had to chose him or god because he decided to go back to worshipping a different idol/god and I felt as though god wasn’t happy with me and marrying him would hold big consequences… it was a very hard trial but I chose right and i’ve learnt that without god I can never be happy with a man or with anything in this world.

    You’re very blessed to have been given a man from god and I know god has someone for me too but I will never be given a man of god if I don’t first become a woman of god and put him first before any desire of this world, including a husband. I hope you have an amazing life together and i’m sure god has many plans for you both 🙂

    sorry for the life story I don’t usually comment on these things.

    God bless!!


  7. Hey everyone! I’m so happy to know that this blog has been an encouragement to so many of you. I get so many comments that I, unfortunately, cannot respond to them all.

    One of the questions I get asked the most is “what do I do while I’m waiting.” I just wrote a post with some tips on what to do while you wait, you can read it here:

    I’d also like to remind everyone that no matter what you believe God told you or what your desire is concerning marriage, to keep your eyes and heart on the Lord. Do not let anything distract you from your relationship with God. Our greatest desire should be to grow in intimacy with Him daily. No one can satisfy like the Lord.

    Love you all and I am so glad and encouraged to know that these blog posts are helping you all! ❤

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  8. thank you so much
    I am 37 years old
    Still a virgin
    I desire marriage but I refuse to settle
    I want a Godly marriage and I want my marriage to be a testimony of what waiting on God looks like.
    This story was so touching and just what I needed
    May God bless your marriage
    Please pray for me
    My name isAlicia Foster
    Email me


  9. You have no idea how much this testimony is helping people like me! You are such a blessing!! I have Asperger’s syndrome which has both blessed me and cursed me with an over active imagination so I have been trying to convince myself it’s just that but that feeling of knowing just won’t quiet. It’s been almost three years since I last even saw him n all logic tells me to let it go but it’s still strong n persistent as ever. This conflict has been harder than ever of late n because I’m not good with people I don’t realy have any one to pray with or talk to about it with; this post has brought me much needed peace and reassurance that God dose orchestrate relationships hopefully even for people like me and can do anything even when it seams hopeless and impossible. Thank you!


  10. I’m greatly encouraged by your story. I’m in a similar place where God has revealed a sister in church to me as my wife with confirmations. However, the sister turned down my proposal saying she liked me, but not as a husband, and eventually revealing that she has someone else already. I also shared the situation with my pastor, and God also confirmed His word about the sister through a dream He gave my pastor. So I’m now believing God to do what only He can do. It’s not easy, but reading your post has encouraged me. I believe that I too will one day share my own testimony.
    God bless you and your marriage.


  11. Amazing message to the world continue to let God use you with your life story. Ready and excited to see what else God has in stored for you with your life. God Bless you and your Husband.

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  12. Hey everyone!

    Just wanted to share a few announcements regarding this blog:

    So, it’s a new year and God has been speaking to me about some things that He wants me to do with this blog. I’m in the process of starting those things now. So be on the lookout for:

    (1) A new look and design
    (2) “Heart of Worship” gear and store (shirts, bags, mugs, etc.)
    (3) Speaking engagements (I’m now open to taking speaking engagements. You can find the booking request form under the contact tab.)
    (4) Webinars/Live video teachings (It’s time to get more up close and personal with my readers! I get a loooot of emails and comments from many of you, especially in the area of relationships. My heart is really to see people grow in their relationship with God and I believe this will help do that even more. Lord willing, I will do some live Q&A’s and topic studies this year. Let me know under this comment what topics you would like to hear me cover and I will prayerfully consider them).

    I look forward to hearing what topics you all would like me to speak on and I’m excited to see the growth in each of your lives!

    God bless! 🙂 ❤


  13. thank you so much for your testimony am a 20 years old gal and am facing the same thing as you have shared, its really not easy but i trust Yahweh god.. can you contact me pls i want to ask some questions


  14. Amazing testimony! Thank you so much for sharing. I read this 3 years ago when I was living with my ex, I had no relationship with Jesus at the time and wanted to marry but was unsure about marriage with my Bf. I came across this and it blew my mind that God could tell you who your future spouse was. So I prayed about whether I could marry my Bf at that time and so many red flags became more apparent. We broke up a year later, I pursued Jesus and have never looked back. I have so much freedom and joy from pursuing Jesus and I know a small seed was sown in my heart from reading your blog all those years ago. Thank you for being obedient to God and being a kingdom builder. I have no doubt God used you and your testimony to change my life. May God bless you and your family abundantly ❤

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    1. Wow! God is so amazing! Thank you for sharing that with me. My main purpose for this blog is to provoke people to surrender their lives to God and run after Him with all their heart.

      This encourages me so much and I’m so happy to hear that you have given your life to Christ! That’s the best and most important decision we could ever make.

      I pray that you grow more and more in love with Him and that He uses you greatly.

      God bless! ❤

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  15. Thank you for this post, i landed on it last night when i was in a state of confusion and i had been praying to God, i think God chose to answer through this blog.. I would love to talk to you more concerning this, failed to find your email but my email address is thank you


  16. I’m in the the middle of “waiting” for my future husband right now – and I was supposed to get a list of testimonies but it never came thru, so I thought I’d look online (bc I know I’m not the only one- lol) for an encouraging testimony. Yours is the first I read & wow – thank you- it was JUST the one that I needed or could have ever wanted. My brief story is my husband is coming and I know who he is, and I have zero contact with him, because it is all in our Lords’ hands – in His Perfect timing – which He revealed to me 8 July, that it would be my birthday, 21 Nov. so I’m just so excited and wanted to hear of a testimony for encouragement. I’m going to be 63, my future husband is 59, he may have had a bday, I don’t know. I live in Wa state – he lives in S. California. We connected briefly on Match. & I mean briefly. 3 days maybe, however I must say I trust God completely as He has confirmed it multiple times in various and unexpected ways that has made me laugh and stop and look take pictures and save it in my journal. I LOVE waiting on His leadings & encouragements- plus His way is the best way. I hope those who are praying for their future husbands – find encouragement here- God is so wonderful & faithful – and He has told me 3 different times to “enjoy the ride” and I am- especially after reading your testimony . God Bless you both- & thank you for your blog.


  17. Thank you sister. I am still in the waiting period.
    I have learned to Embrace the process and I am just in the Neutral Ground in everything.
    Your Testimony is an answered prayer, it’s been almost 3 years. I am still waiting. I am open for a yes and a no. Trusting God is my Father and he knows best. ❣️


  18. Woman of God, your testimony is so awesome. I’m in a different category, but I still have to wait on God. I dated my husband for 7 years before we got married, and we ended up being married for 20 years, so 27 years is a lifetime with someone. Sadly, my husband passed away last month on March 15, 2021. I told God that I desire to marry again, so it’s just like starting life all over again. I’m 53 years old, but just like you, I will have to wait until God does the revealing to my next husband and to me. I know that He has to do a deeper work in me now to first heal my heart from the hurt and pain of losing my first husband. So when the time is right, He will bring Proverbs 18:22 into manifestation. God bless.


  19. This is me reading this 7 years down the line and I am mindblown. Wow!!! God’s Word is timeless. You just confirmed so many things to me. I am a bit calm. Although I am in my waiting season and it’s so hard but this post just gave me Hope again. It is all to His Glory ❤️


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