About This Blog

The Beginning: How I Got the Name Heart of Worship

I began the Heart of Worship blog in December 2014 and launched it on January 30, 2015. It was birthed out of a season of great testing, trial, and shaking. It was a season where everything seemed to be going well and my plans for my life were going how I wanted. I was pouring my heart out in worship through obedience to His word, spending daily time in God’s presence, and thus growing deeper in love with Christ. All of a sudden, out of seemingly nowhere, everything changed, and God took MY plans and turned them upside down. It shook me. I was taken aback and at a standstill for a couple of weeks. I cried and mourned, asking God, why? Then He began to remind me of what I had learned in His presence before everything changed. I learned WORSHIP. I learned what it meant to truly worship God. I learned that worship is more than just an act of lifting your hands, singing a song, or dancing a dance. Worship is a lifestyle – a lifestyle of TOTAL obedience to God. It’s a choice to obey God whether everything is going your way or not. Just as I had worshiped God when everything was ok, I had to worship Him when things weren’t going according to my plans, even with tears coming out of my eyes. God was taking me to another level in worship.

So, I worshiped. I remained faithful to Him, faithful to His word, and spent even more time in His presence. As I did this, He began to ease the pain and comfort me through the trail. The more I worshiped the Lord the more I was strengthened. Through this trail He taught me to place Him above EVERYTHING, to love Him more than everything and everyone, and to TRUST His plans for my life and not my plans for my life. Once you say “YES” to God, you also say “yes” to His plans for your life. Your plans may not be His plans and the process of letting go may be difficult, but it is so worth it! You won’t understand what He is doing at the moment but later everything will start making sense. That was the season, in 2010, that He gave me the name Heart of Worship and began birthing true worship in me. Looking back now, I thank Him for every part of it because it prepared me for where I am now in life and ministry. I know that what He did in me is not just for me; now I can minister to others through my experience and help them in their walk with the Lord.

Why I Began This Blog

A few months after I got married the Lord began to place on my heart to start a blog. To be honest, I didn’t really want to do it. A lot of people blog for many different reasons, some for good reasons, and others for not so good reasons, and I’m not the type of person to do something just because many others are doing it. I really didn’t see myself ever starting a blog, so I was very reluctant to start it. But after much prayer and several confirmations, I began this blog. Yayy for obedience!! (That’s what a lifestyle of worship is all about. Before making big decisions we always want to make sure that the Lord is leading us.) I pray that this blog encourages many and that God draws those that He desires to draw to it.

The Purpose of This Blog

This blog is meant to encourage all of its readers to live a life TOTALLY surrendered to Christ – a lifestyle of true worship to God, a life of obedience to His word, His will, and His plans for your life. It will encourage you to draw closer to God through a personal intimate relationship with Him, seek out His will for your life, and follow it no matter how difficult it may be.

I am a Christian and Christ-follower. I believe that the Holy Bible is the inerrant word of God and is the final authority in a believer’s life. Therefore, all of my posts stem directly from these beliefs. This blog will deal with topics such as relationships, marriage, being led by God, godly friendships, godly living and more, along with my personal testimonies, which will all posted as the Holy Spirit leads me to post and of course all lining up with Scripture.