Heart of Worship Ministry

Heart of Worship Ministry is a women’s ministry I began in November 2020. This ministry branched out of the Heart of Worship Blog and has the same mission of encouraging people to live a life totally surrender to Christ. 
This is a ministry for women who desire spiritual growth, support, fellowship, and accountability in their walk with God. The Christian walk can be challenging and lonely at times, therefore, this ministry provides women the space to be honest, open, ask questions, receive help, and be encouraged.
Heart of Worship Ministry has an active Facebook group where we share encourging posts, share meeting information, support one another, and much more. It is a safe space where women can share and support one another freely. 


We currently meet weekly on Thursday nights at 8pm Eastern Standard Time via Zoom. See our meeting flyer below for the meeting information. 

If you are a woman and are interested, you can request to join our Facebook group at this link: Join Facebook Group


Be sure to subsribe to our mailing list so you can receive encouragement, updates about the ministry, and other important information. Join the mailing list by clicking the button below! 

HOW Ministry Weekly Meeting Flyer