My Waiting on God Testimony!

This is my very first blog post and I am super excited to be starting this new journey!
Since so many people have questions about how to go about having a godly relationship and I am a big advocate of doing relationships God’s way, I thought it’d be best to start by sharing the testimony of how God brought my now husband and I together. I was led by God to write the first part back in March 2013 about 8 months after we got engaged and to share it on social media. The second part is the update of how God supernaturally provided for our wedding and how things are going now since we’ve become husband and wife. It was truly a miracle how God brought us together and our testimony has blessed many people so far. I pray that it blesses you as well!


Pic from our engagement photo shoot

I was only 19 years old when God began to tell me who my husband was. I knew that I would get married one day but I thought it would be later in life like at the age of 24 or 25. So when God began to tell me that this guy was my husband I thought it was the devil and/or my flesh. I fought against it hard but it didn’t go anywhere, God continued to confirm it over and over. Eventually I received it. God told me to patiently wait and that in His timing He would reveal it to the guy and have him come to me. At the time I was in a ministry that taught about the no boyfriend/girlfriend revelation. That God is not down with it and it’s not God’s order. God is able to give you a spouse without you test driving several different people. Simply keep your eyes on the Lord and He will reveal and bring your spouse to you in His timing. He is the one that chooses for us and He already knows who the person is therefore He does not need our fleshly assistance. As my pastor would say, ‘You are not boyfriend/girlfriend material you are husband/wife material. God does not play house, He build’s families.’ God confirmed to me Himself that He desires for relationships to be done differently, not like how the world does it. So I complied with His order and did not date. And sure enough when He saw fit, in His timing, He revealed to me who my God-ordained husband was.

Within the time span of waiting there was much dying to my flesh, God did a lot of purging, pruning, and showing me wicked things in my heart; I learning what true worship was and how to live out a lifestyle of true worship. God stripped me of many things even in the natural so that I had no choice but to depend on Him and draw closer to Him. He took me through a very painful process of transformation (John 12:24). I learned that God was my husband and dealt with Him like my First Love. I learned how to pray, fast, intercede, make war, and stand strong through trials. It was a process that took great patience and great faith because there were times where I doubted the word and because I did not know when it would happen I had to learn to trust God like never before and not care how long it took. It was first and foremost about my relationship with God, He was using it to build me up in Him. It was more than just getting married, God was using this to build up my faith, strengthen my spirit man, and prepare me for where He was taking me in the Kingdom. God will use whatever trial or situation He desires to use to get you where He needs you to be, and for me this was one of the things He chose to use. IT WAS ALL FOR HIS GLORY!! NOT JUST TO GET A RING ON MY FINGER OR GET MY LAST NAME CHANGED BUT TO BRING GLORY TO HIMSELF THROUGH MY LIFE!!

At our wedding shower, one month before the wedding! Ahhhh!!!

At our wedding shower, one month before the wedding! Ahhhh!!!

Fast forward about 2 ½ years, the very same brother in Christ that God revealed to me was my husband, called me one day and told me that God revealed to him that I was his wife. Not once throughout the time of waiting did I tell him or give him hints. NOT ONCE THROUGHOUT THAT TIME DID WE DATE AROUND OR DATE EACH OTHER. God allowed us to be friends during that time but I still had to wait on God to tell him. It was not easy, it was very hard. I cried, doubted God and asked God ‘why me?’ many times. There were times I would have rather not known but God chose to tell me ahead of time and through God’s strength I was able to wait until the word manifested. GOD IS FAITHFUL, HE KEEPS HIS WORD!!! IF HE SAID HE WOULD DO SOMETHING AND HAS CONFIRMED IT MANY TIMES, THEN KNOW THAT HE WILL DO IT AND CAN DO IT WITHOUT YOU GETTING IN HIS WAY!! We have been engaged now for almost 8 months and from what God has been revealing to us (and what He revealed to me in my time of waiting), godly marriages are for a greater purpose!! You can’t just wanna get married just to have sex and live a comfortable life!! If you can’t pray, stand in the gap, make war, worship, love God more than a spouse, die to your flesh, live holy, obey God, sacrifice, etc., then you’re not ready for marriage. Marriage is ministry. God is using the two of you to prepare one another for the return of Christ!! He wants to use your marriage as a ministry to others to cause them to come to Christ. It’s not just about you, it’s greater than you. IF YOU ARE NOT KINGDOM- MINDED WHILE YOU ARE SINGLE THEN YOU WON’T BE KINGDOM MINDED WHEN YOU GET MARRIED!! Everything that God does has purpose; it’s not about pleasing and tickling our flesh. Trust God’s timing for your life; don’t try to run ahead of Him. What you have planned for your life may not be what He has planned. I didn’t think I’d be engaged by the age of 22, but here I am. AND I DIDN’T HAVE TO DATE AROUND TO ‘SEE WHAT I LIKED’!!! GOD ALREADY KNEW WHO MY SPOUSE WAS, AND WHEN HE SAW THAT WE WERE READY HE BROUGHT US TOGETHER, WE DIDN’T BRING OURSELVES TOGETHER!! God had it all written down in His book before we were even born, but it all depended on our obedience and surrender to His will and plans for our lives. God knows what’s best for His children.


Our last moments as a single man and single woman…right before the vows!!

So my husband and I got married on June 28, 2014! We shared our FIRST KISS on our wedding day AT THE ALTER after we said “I do,” meaning we also did not have sex until the wedding night and I was able to save my virginity for my husband!! The way God brought us through our engagement, wedding preparations, and wedding day was AMAZING!!! For one, we didn’t have a dime for a wedding but God clearly let us know that He wanted us to have a wedding. We didn’t know how it would happen or where the provision would come from but we had no choice but to trust God. We had to believe that if He could bring us together the way that He did then He would provide for the actual wedding AND every day after. So we planned and planned as if we already had the funds, we saved what we could when we could, and we talked about dates and some of the things we wanted in our wedding. I personally had many thoughts of doubt and unbelief just because things were not looking like we would be able to have a wedding and of course there were those who spoke against the whole idea of us getting married at that time. In spite of my doubtful thoughts and people’s opinions, God continued to assure me (us) that He would provide. Fast forward to the end of our engagement……by the time the wedding came around God had provided supernaturally as He said He would — He had people give us fat checks left and right and had people give and do some things for us for FREE. We had around 336 wedding guests, a wedding ceremony and reception with more than what we expected, a nice long honeymoon, no left over debt but instead money left over to use for after the wedding, and most importantly the presence and blessing of God was there!! The total cost was about $22,000 and none of it came from our pockets!!!! (A laborer is worth his hire, right?) It all literally came from God! He said He would provide and He did!! Not only that but God used the wedding ceremony and reception as a way for us to minister to our guests about how He put us together and how He provided. And He most definitely used it to bring our faith to a whole new level!

If you’re reading this, know that God is a miracle working God who wants to be involved in your relationships and wants to be the One who writes your love story. Trust Him. Your story may not be like mine and God may not provide for you the same way that He did for us, but trust He’s already written it out and He already knows how He wants to provide for you. All He needs is your obedience. He can’t work with you and give you His best for you without a heart of obedience. Trust His times and seasons for your life. Because we obeyed God in bringing us together, trusted Him through our season of engagement, and upheld godly standards, He did ABOVE AND BEYOND what we expected!! Experiencing Him move in such a mighty way in the beginning of our relationship enables us to trust Him through our marriage and for the rest of our lives together. We serve an AWESOME and MIGHTY God!!


Our first dance at our reception as Mr. & Mrs.!! 😀

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  1. Your testimony is so powerful & encouraging. It’s beautiful to see how you guys walked by faith and trusted God from day one. It’s also amazing to see how God fulfilled his word to you. One thing I really liked about your story is that you waited on God to also reveal what he had showed you to Davon, you didn’t try to give him a hint, or help God out in any way which is what most people do these days.
    I also loved how God provided for your wedding. Thanks for sharing your story, it truly blessed me.

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  2. I praise God for you stepping out and starting this blog… Very encouraging and insightful! It’s amazing to see what God can do when we give it all to Him. It’s scary to let go of the steering wheel of our lives sometimes but your post is truly a blessing.

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  3. You are ao beautiful! I saw watched your wedding reception on YouTube and was lead to see your testimony. I am so encouraged. May God continue to bless you and may His face ever shine you you both!

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  4. hi i love your story!! i just had a question…how exactly did God reveal your husband to you? for instance was it through a dream or you kept seeing his name everywhere

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  5. Thank you much for your powerful testimony of what Abba Father has done through Christ Jesus! It has richly blessed me much.

    Continue strong in God’s will for your marriage… you and your husband is one flesh in the Lord.

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  6. What an awesome read. Thank you for confirming EXACTLY what God has been (and still is) revealing to me. This hits so close to home until I almost thought I wrote it (minus the engaged & now married portion…LOL!). I wish you and your husband God’s continued blessings and supernatural provisions. To God Be The Glory!

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  7. I cried after reading this,am so encouraged,am 27 and still a virgin but sometimes I feel so bad that I ve waited so long,and yet not married, even though I want to continue to honor God with my body,but sometimes I wonder when God will give me my spouse

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    • DO NOT GIVE UP!!! Today’s society says its strange to still be a virgin after a certain age, BUT God says to refrain from sexual activity until marriage. What society is looking down on you about, God is pleased with you about! See it from God’s point of view, when you give account to God for your life what people will think will NOT matter.

      Hold it down and wait on the Lord! When and if God sees fit, He will add a spouse to you. You don’t have to worry about it, just focus on God…And I know it’s hard when your flesh is kicking and screaming wanting to be entertained, but don’t leave ANY room for the enemy what-so-ever. Be careful what you watch, read, look at, etc. you don’t want to fuel that desire at all. Continue feeding yourself on the things of God and He WILL keep you through this time! ❤ ❤

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  8. Wow this really helped! There’s this guy I am interested in, but not because of his looks but because of the Jesus that lives within him. The way he talks about God is beautiful and not only that, he shows it through the way he lives, he is sold out for Jesus. When I first started feeling that “connection” I brought it to God first! I wanted to make sure it wasn’t lustful, and it wasn’t. Then I asked God to open doors for us to become friends and it happened right away. Well one day, at the altar I was worshiping God gave me a vision of me and him preaching and my daughter with us. First I was afraid thinking it was from my flesh and own desires. But I asked God to confirm it. Week later a girl I didn’t even know tells me, ” if God gave you a vision he will provide provision” so I had my confirmation. But weeks later I started to doubt it, thinking how could this even be possible. And plus I did not know how to act upon it. I asked many people for advice and I got so overwhelmed with the different opinions, I soon got so discouraged! But reading this really helped me, realized it is in God’s hands that I do not have to pursue after the guy or anything, because just like God revealed it to me he will do the same to him in the right season! Thank you so much! May god bless your soul and marriage.

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    • Praise the Lord!! It is certainly in His hands. In His time He will reveal it to him. Take note of what God shows you and then leave it there. Don’t pursue, give hints, or anything. Let God do what He does best. All you have to do is rest. 🙂


  9. Thanks for this testimony, it is SO helpful.

    God revealed to me who my husband is going to be 8 months ago now (with LOTS of confirmations). I didn’t believe God did stuff like that before it happened to me and then searched the internet for more testimonies (like yours).
    I’m in the waiting process. Some very big doors are wide open now but the guy still seems to be blind or unaware, and God still tells me to wait. I won’t tell the guy either. I just find it superhard to wait, and as you said, God is using this time to break every seed of impatience or selfishness in me. I’m learning about God’s character, I’m learning about listening to His voice, I’m learning about prayer and trusting God. I can see that a lot of people in the Bible had to wait to. Noah, Moses, Abraham, David, all of them. I’m learning a lot about God being patient to me, and to humankind.

    Just weeks before the whole thing started I told God I was too impatient and that there wasn’t a way for Him to work on that. Here I am, dying every single minute for the thing to end.

    I’m also learning that my future’s husband interests should come first, not mine. So my impatience shouldn’t win over his need for more time to be ready.

    Like you said too, I’d rather NOT know. My mentor thinks it’s a beautiful story, I just find it very hard to trust and walk through this 🙂 But I firmly believe God is good and has a much bigger perspective than ours.
    Be blessed!


    • Amen. I pray God gives you the patience to endure. Focus on other things that He is doing in and through your life right now. When we are anxious about something we tend to zoom in on that one thing but if we remember everything else that is taking place it will help us endure the wait. God is faithful and works all things out in His perfect timing.

      God bless you. 🙂


  10. Hi Deborah,
    Your story is so beautiful. I tried to find encouragement in it. In a few weeks I will be 32 and have never been in a serious relationship. I often get deeply discouraged and feel … Frustrated. Anyway, I have begun journaling and writing my prayers out to God. I find it helps me flesh out all the things I can’t say. In 2012 I wrote that I would meet my husband. There were certain characteristics in their mainly about personality, and one detail I always remembered. Fast forward, a coworker that I had become friends with seemed to embody a lot of this characteristics. I had been fasting recently and really asking God to heal me from past wounds. As it would have it I began to really go through a clearing process and feel like God is working on me. Ive been praying and feeling like this person is the one, or rather significant. I have had dreams about him, and have approached our interactions different than I ever have in the past. Two weeks ago, in conversation, I asked him a question. He answered the question spot on to what was in my journal. It was a minor detail and the only physical detail I recalled writing from my spirit. That this man would be 5’10. And my friend was. However, I have really prayed not only for God to give me more confirmation but also to steer me away from overthinking or placing my thoughts in a person who may not be for me. I struggle with assuming the worst and being afraid of rejection due to my past. My issue is although we are friends, he had made mention of having fear of commitment on casual conversation and I notice when our friendship bond grows closer he get a bit distant. I just feel that God would not lead me to someone like that, especially with my desire. I have been praying to heat Gods voice in the matter but I am having a hard time distinguishing Gods voice, my voice, or the enemy. I wanted to ask if you could pray with me in asking God to just give me clarity no matter the outcome. I would like to be married but feel like it may not be Gods will since it hasn’t happened yet (and that although my friend has a lot of the qualities I feel were revealed doesn’t want to be settled or committed which to me is confusing.) thank you.


  11. I wish I would had read a post like this a couple of years ago! I feel like such a fool, for telling a few people including his sister! Worst of all I’m terrified that I’m not be able to discern God’s voice, (John 10:27) which is more important to me than knowing who is my husband to be! All the confirmation I felt the Lord showing me turned out to be the opposite of what I see in the physical realm! I prayed and fasted to The Lord to show me if this was really the person and everything seemed to be in “agreement” confirmation from the word of God! mind blowing confirmation! One day on my old cell phone a person left a voice message but the cell phone gives you the option of reading a written voice message instead of listening to it, Well the voice message said these words, “hi Liza it’s me aurora can we meet after church for fellowship” but when it was written on the phone it read like this “Yes Scott yes, this is so beautiful I wanted to see if you wanted to see Union” how in the word did that happen? I had just been praying for a sign from God?! The guy in question name is Scott😳

    Another time I prayed again Lord if it’s really him (I had much doubt) show me one more time, not 5 min later after this prayer he is the first person I see as I entered shop rite in my town! Then one day a sister in the church invites me to go to Israel for a mission trip I said yes, little did I know that he was going on that same trip with the sister I was going with, had I known I would had canceled it! (I hate distractions) and NO she was not aware that I was praying for him.

    Anyway after getting so many weird confirmation while I was in Israel I went to the western wall and wrote in a piece of paper Lord if it’s really him than don’t just show me you have to show him too!
    Well that same day scott and I walked inside a store to buy souvenirs and the owner of the store an Arabic man looks at scott and I and says Arabic man: are you Two together? Me:yes Arabic man:is he your boyfriend? Me:no Arabic man:why not? Me: because he’s my brother in the Lord we’re Christians Arabic man:so what you both should be together Me: nervous and red from embarrassment could not get a word out, Scott with a smile and turning red himself not knowing what to say, we just smiled and looked at each other so confused like what is going on here?!😳 All of the sudden the Arabic man says give me a minute, I said no we gotta go, but the Arabic man insisted, he goes to the back of the store and brings a big toy ring and tells Scott and I to get closer all of the sudden he starts acting like a priest and declared us husband and wife and makes Scott put the toy ring on my finger as if mimicking a wedding, it was almost like a symbolic foreshadow of the future (at least that what I understood it as) 😱 Talk about weird, who does that in a store with customers???? This happen about an hour after Praying and asking God to show Scott also! And it seem like Scott understood it because he changed after that encounter, he started to picked up my luggage, he would pull my chair for me to sit he started acting very different as if I he knew and he started Showing signs that he was interested in me, ( he has been praying for a wife also!). But here is were Satan came in or confusion and delusion, I come back to the USA he comes 3 days later, we act like our normal self, I find out 3 months later he met a girl in Israel while we were there and they were courting! 😱 I was devastated and felt like I deceived myself because God is not the God of confusion, so I’m the confused one!

    Anyway after a couple of month and prayer for God to heal me, something inside of me kept giving hope that he’s the one! I thought maybe I’m loosing my mind, well he broke his engagement with her, and has dated a girl in church, broke up with her and started act as if maybe I am the one after all, only to run around and start chasing after another girl! Sooooooo confused, angry at myself and tired of the emotional roller coaster!


    • Thank you so much for your boldness to share your story. I find myself in a very similar situation where God has made a specific covenant with me about my husband and marriage and appears to have revealed him in dream and spiritual life. I have been on a wild and glorious rollercoaster of a 2 1/2 wait on someone (bc I believe invited me to wait and I accepted) & it’s coming to place where it appears more than dead, if that’s possible. I have grown and healed in ways that I could not have imagined in the wait but it’s still hard to have waited on some someone that appears to not reciprocate the sentiment. Oddly enough, I still believe it was and is God, not sure if that’s faith or stubbornness. have been searching out testimonies from others about God speaking through dreams and visions. I am sorry for all your confusion & I hope everything worked out. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing. Your story brought encouragement that I am not alone.


      • Hi CurlyQ37

        Wow, this post comment was about a year ago, so much has happen since then!😳

        Thank you for writing me, And your words of encouragement, I’ve thought about sharing an update, but kept putting it off and just forgot….

        You’re story sound very familiar, I was there too, and though our story might not have the same ending, let me share where I’m at in my journey.

        So after I wrote this post I kept praying for clarity, because I really did not want to continue in this emotional roller coaster ride, that stold 7 years of my life (John10:10)

        Basically I lost myself in this pursuit of “my husband to be” (Scott) I would go to church all dressed up for this guy, in order to get his attention, instead of going to church to pursue God’s heart, i would watch and obsess over every girl he talked to, I joined the prayer ministry to be close to him, every prayer was about him, every confirmation was about him, every conversation with God was about him, my heart and mind was consumed with him “Idol” well because I believed God told me he was the one!

        God is very factual as well as supernatural.
        He would not have you wasting years of your life on anything He has said would come to pass.

        So I started to do research on deception and idolatry and found so many women in the church that were going through the same thing as me “God told me who my husband is” or “God showed me my husband” (I’m not saying this is your case or anyone else but it sure was mine and many other) one particular women that helped me open my eyes was a women named, Rochelle LaVow she has a book titled “God Told Me You’re My Spouse “The Truth Behind this Deception in the Church” I reached out to her after reading the book on Facebook and shared my story with her, she was very encouraging and ministered truth to me

        Well through her and a man of God who advised me to pray ,fast, and do communion at home, I started to do just that, This happened in August 13, 2016

        Then after 8 days on the night of August, 21 2016 I went to bed and Prayed, I told Jesus to align my heart with his perfect will for my life and then I reminded him of This scripture in Genesis 20:3 I said Lord if you spoke to a pagan Egyptian king regarding Abrahams wife, then you can also speak to me, I’m your daughter, well that very night I had a dream, that I was in my church and one of the elderly women came to me, looked at me and said, “let him go, this is his wife” in my dream somehow I knew who she was referring to, it is this young beautiful girl that congregate at our church (I Won’t say her name) but I knew in my dream it was her! well I woke up from that dream and the first words I heard as I woke up was “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” 😳 My heart sank, I started weeping, hurt beyond what you can imagine, it felt like my whole world shattered, I felt crushed, disillusioned and also fear came over me because I was met with the reality that all this time I had been deceived as it was not Gods voice I heard!

        I wanted to leave the church, I was mad at God for allowing me to be deceived, mad at myself, questioning everything I believed or heard from God, but thank God in his love and mercy he dealt with me with love and mercy, he’s an awesome God!

        Well towards the end of January 2017 after New Years on Scott’s Facebook page my dream was confirmed he made an announcement, that he and his fiancé were engaged to be married! Wedding set for early 2018 I had no clue they were even courting, they kept it a secretly, but God knew and in his mercy revealed it to me in a dream, I guess, God was kind of like preparing me. it was very painful! I had to unfollow and block him from my Facebook to protect my heart! Very painful!

        See God is willing to speak to us and give us clarity, if we are willing to receive his truth! The truth is that God said NO to me going back to the very beginning, When I first prayed about Scott 7 years ago!

        God had said to me three time within one week “let go and let God” and even send a women of God to speak into my life concerning Scott but I did not receive it, I ingonored Gods warning! We see this in 1King 13:7-24 and Numbers 11:5-33

        We set ourselves up for deception then we blame God when things don’t work out the way we thought! I find myself ministering to so many women and men that are going Through this same situation!

        We are living in a time where we need to draw closer to God, cause the enemy is working over time in these last days……
        Well God bless you! I don’t want to discourage you, just wanted to share my story and let people know this is what happen to me, but yet God has restored me and is using this to for his glory! I know he has a future and a plan I still wait in anticipation on him alone! Roman 8:28


    • Thank you so much for responding with an update. I am so glad to hear that you are well & received your healing. What an amazing & beautiful story of redemption & growth. I am sorry that it caused you so much pain & heartache but God surely fashions beauty out of our broken pieces. Would you be willing to have a conversation with me? If so, I’ll share my email so that I can send you my phone number.


  12. One more thing I wanted to add, in the past I met a guy (an Ishmael) that I really liked and I had prayed and fasted for Gods confirmation and the Lord gave me 2 signs, which was NO! The second sign was so clear that I called the guy and said to him I can’t see you anymore because my God said no! I don’t have a problem letting go if God said no! Why the confusion this time around I don’t know😒


    • I find myself in a very similar situation. God is not a God of confusion. Why is he chasing after all these girls if I’m the one? God said because of disobedience and fear. The solution: to pray for him and trust that God will bring the change you desire. In the meantime focus on yourself and what God has called you to do in this season. GOD will make it happen. This is not about this guy. It’s about God. Do you trust him and do you think he really loves you?

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      • Wow, Amazing! Your words has struck me to the cord “Do you trust him and do you think he loves you” that’s one of my biggest struggles, trusting that God loves me, I hear it, I read it, I sing it during worship time, but I struggle with it in my heart! I hate to admit it because It frightens me to know that I doubt Gods love and what will God think of me? Also It’s amazing that you said its not about this guy it’s about God! You have given me much to think about and bring to the Lord. I don’t know who you are, but I truly believe God is really getting to the heart of the matter! I’ve also been feeling like God is calling me to get away with him in this season, to separate myself and just seek him with my whole being and come to a deeper understanding of who he is. Since I wrote the comment I have prayed for this young man and turned him over to God, so that God be the one to deal and possibly heal this young man from what ever it is that cause him to act that way. I have felt Gods peace🙏 And you’re right I’m definitely gonna focus on God and what he wants to do in this season of my life! Thank you so much for your words and for taking the time to even read my long comment. My sister, May God bless you and continue to use you in greater measures to bring his truth and revelation of his love🙏




  14. thank you for the blog. it realy came at the right time. today i have been in deep thoughts about my marriage. God’s timing is the best. i had texted my Pastors wife about my feelings and my friend too and there told me the word has been spoken upon your life and for sure when Gods speaks it will surely happen.for sure it will come to pass at the right time. My inner man kept telling me it shall be well. i have seen the vision of my mate as the Lord says in Isaiah 34v 16 ( Seek ye out of the book of the Lord and read: no one of these shall fail, none shall lack her mate; for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them.) this has been my scripture day in and night i sing to it and remind God of his promise to us. i have seen his vision twice this year and my best friend and prayer partner was shown his vision one day after our early morning prayer. i keep waiting on the Lord and i know one day i will be a happy person. at the present moment, i know God is molding us to what he so desires from us as we spread his Word. those who are not married i say God is the real Matchmaker and he has match made you already. lets all trust in him. thank you so much i wanted such motivation today. Be blessed


  15. I am so glad I found this webpage/blog because I, too, “think” I know who my husband is but as what many others have said, I have become confused and not sure so it is hard for me to know God’s voice right now. What happened to me is that maybe 2 (2014) years ago, I thought this person may have been the one so I ask God…like everyone else for a specific sign to signify a yes or no. Well I didn’t get the signed I prayed for.

    I call a minister friend of mine to ask her to pray in partnership with me to get the answer. I even fasted and still nothing so I decided the answer was just “NO’ and to move on. I didn’t genuinely feel my minister friend prayed and later we were in a discussion about something else and she made the remark that people need to be focus on God and the things of God instead of worrying about who their husband is. I didn’t let on that I was upset about the comment but I know it was a fiery dart against me. I realized from that moment on that I was not to talk to anyone else or ask anyone else to pray for me concerning this situation. I didn’t take this to the Pastor because I just didn’t feel that was something I should do at that moment. I have to say… this particular person who is part of the ministry staff at my church, I have been off/on with fighting my affections for him.

    There are other women in the church that is interested in him. I have observed his interactions with other ladies but still he is single. Well, in May of this year, I had a dream about him and didn’t think anything of it until late that evening… I thought Lord, are you trying to tell me something. I ask the Lord again to show me a sign but this time when I dreamed what I dreamed … I couldn’t remember what I asked the Lord to receive the answer as a yes or no. All I can say is this…. this man constantly looks at me, I see him starring at me a lot. He may come around where I am but not too close…He wont make eye contact and when he comes around me, it is hard for me to make eye contact with him. I actually try to ignore him but had been thinking a lot about him and believing that God is saying he is the one. I got weak and called a couple of prayer lines/prophets in search for help but only to become more confused. I decided to talk to the Lord one more time about this because this man seems to keep coming back to my spirit from time to time. I prayed last night and this morning found this site.

    Reading “My waiting on God” testimony was God’s way of speaking to me. Everything that was said made absolute perfect sense. I do feel this man is the one but like others, I am bit apprehensive, somewhat afraid and uncomfortable because I don’t want to be hurt. A broken heart is one of the worst pains ever and take such time to heal and get over. I ask my loving Father to help me in my naivety, my vulnerability at this time for I don’t want to be deceived and mislead by the enemy for relying on my emotions to make decisions instead of God’s true divine wisdom. I pray that God will lead many other women to this site so they can be ministered to and that it will open their hearts to receive his true divine will and purpose for their lives.
    God bless us “singles in waiting”


  16. mine is a very long story… there is a compulsory one year national youth service in my country (nigeria) where evryone is posted to different states…A lot of people influence the posting but i decided against it and asked God to take to take me wherever he pleases…when the posting came out, I got posted to one of the worst parts of the country..I remember crying a lot and someone said to me ,I might meet my husband there.
    I was so depressed in that state…I had to redeploy to my home state before the completion of my service. however I prayed this simple prayer to God.. If i was supposed to meet my husband there and I missed him because i redeployed..Heavenly Father, give me another chance..I was consistent with that prayer point.
    Fastforward to 2011..i left for my masters in the UK . I was in church one day when a sister took me and one particular guy i have never seen and told us to start a drama group. I came to find out this guy served in the state i redeployed from…same year , same batch..
    I never told him about my prayer..However, we started a relationship and the foundation was founded on sin and sexual immorality..this led to a lot of arguments. it became an off and on relationship

    However, i had 2 dreams confirming he is the one…..(the dreams happened when he was never on my mind) a prophetic message also came with a confirmation that he is the one.

    however because we built our foundation on sin…we did hurt each other alot. i was instructed early this year to go and apologise for my part and start newly with godly principles being our foundation.I have dedicated my life to Christ and live for him

    He recently got engaged to a lady he’s only seen thrice, however he still tries to communicate with me, I remember praying for my husband and he rang me that week…do i still continue to believe in faith

    I believe in the scripture that says …Abraham staggered not at the promise of God but was strong in faith giving glory to God and Abraham hoped against all hope that what God said was going to come to pass.


  17. This has TRULY BLESSED me. God has called me to move cross country and to see the way He provided for your wedding, spoke volumes for me. Thank you so so much for sharing!!!!


  18. Thank you for your beautiful testimony! As I was reading , I started crying bc I believe God told me about 4years ago to “prepare to be married” to this guy I met through work (we had an assignment together). That was about 5 years ago. Of course I have doubt’s bc I spoke to him maybe three time after that, but I haven’t heard from him in 3years. I’ve had visions of our future and been preparing myself as God led me, but now I’m like ” maybe I made a mistake, everything seem to be going in the opposite direction. I haven’t dated someone in 8years. I feel confused. I’ve been fasting, praying and interceding and now I’m at a breaking point to say “forget it.” Pray for me bc I’m thinking marriage may not be for me or I was mistaken.


  19. I certainly needed to read this, I bless God for allowing me to read your posts because they truly have enriched me with a better understanding as to what God has already been showing me, God bless you and your family !


  20. This is crazy because while I was at camp, I met this guy who I clicked with that it was unbelievable and I was able to let him in so easily and I don’t do trust. But one night during service at church camp, I looked at this guy and I heard a voice all the way in the back of my head say “he is the one”. we talked for weeks until the conversations just stopped. I’ve been crying and asking God why he had to tell me because I knew I was going to hate this guy for leaving me… but after a long night of prayer I woke up and felt peace and didn’t feel any anger at all towards this guy. And when I think about him, the word trust comes to my heart and mind. I never thought any guy I met was the one but I;m going to believe God and what he says. I believe God directed me to this page and I will forever give thanks because now I know it was him. I will learn to trust and love the process of becoming closer to God until he thinks it is time for me and this guy! I’m so glad I met God and can say I have a relationship with him! This page took away all my doubt bevause i am literally going through the same thing! This just blew my mind…thank you!


  21. Hi sister, I would like to know how exactly did he approach and told you that you are the wife that God has given him? Could you please elaborate it in details? I’m so curious! You’ve got a wonderful story 🙂

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  22. hi there! your testimony speaks volume to me because I am currently going through a VERY similar wait as you had done. I’ve never been in a relationship because God has shown me I am of great worth and value that is for the one (whoever he may be). For my last 2 years of high school I promised God i would focus on Him and not seek a relationship with any i didn’t develop a crush with anyone. Then, I graduated high school and joined a school of ministry and went on a work trip with my school to raise tuition money and I met a guy, who turned out to be Christian, mature, and a few years older. I had an instant connection with him and felt very comfortable – as if i had known him for years. I asked God if i could talk to him (it was against school rules to talk to opposite sex in 1st year of the school) and God told me “Yes, but Wait.” And so I waited. Nothing until a few months later and i saw him again at a work trip. the connection, laughter, fun was still there, but then the trip came to an end..then he pursued a career that lead him further away from me and I started doubting. I believed as I waited that God would bring this guy to me..but I’ve reached the point of closure from God that that guy may not be the one…he could have easily been..but though he did not come to other work trips that initial appearing in my life allowed me to really seek God – his word, his love, his direction. And now, as I feel a shift in my waiting that it may not be that guy, but that it is someone else I am to wait for.
    If you, or anyone, have any words of wisdom, a picture, advice as I wait, or encouragement I would absolutely love it. Thank you for your testimony.


  23. This testimony here has really inspired & motivated me to wait! It’s a must I continue my Fast the right way an wait on His timing! Wait on God! Be obedient to his promises he has written in the book for Monica’s life! When I wait on his timing I know that what he promises for Monica will be Forever!


  24. This is a beautiful story. If it’s not too personal, may I ask how God revealed to you he was your husband and how did he confirm it?


  25. Wow!!! What an awesome God we serve! Thank you for sharing your testimony, I’m truly moved by your story. I also believe that God has revealed by future husband and I’m waiting for him to bring us together. However, the waiting process hasn’t been so easy for me so I’m praying every day that he will increase my patience and faith. Thank you so much, your story has inspired me.


  26. Hello beautiful woman of God. I was on my break and happened to do a search for “God showing you your husband” and your post came up. For over 15 years, the same man appears in my dream as my husband. If I went by the natural, it would seem impossible. It almost drove me spiritually crazy. I have questioned God so many times, until it’s unbelievable how many times I have asked ….”Lord, I keep having these dreams…….are you still telling me that one day this man is my husband.” I do not dream about anyone else. It got to the point where I was frustrated. One year I took matters into my own hand, because I was tired of being alone and waiting and married the wrong person (and I suffered the consequences for it indeed). I will never step out of God’s will again. I still have the same dreams. I am much older now. The man I dream about never has been married. In the natural, I still don’t see how it is possible. We are brothers and sisters in Christ, but I keep my distance as much as possible. And if it happens…….it happens……if it doesn’t, I still love God and will do what God has asked me to do. In God, I live and move and have my every being! Thank you so much for your encouraging words sweetheart. You have ministered to all my concerns in the Lord. I don’t know you, but I love you and I wish you and your husband the best!


  27. I stumped upon this email again, I was at this church event and just happen to set by this guy and my sister was talking with him, well to make a long story short, right then and there i felt some kind of way about him and that was in March and it is june 1 and i thing about him everyday, i have asked God is this of you and he has not answered


  28. In response to Maxey Miller ‘ s post dated 9 June 2016

    I feel as if you know my story, I am in the exact same situation that you are in.
    I keep on getting confirmation about this guy, but he never makes a move, he just stares, smiles and its hard for me to look at him in the eye
    I have prayed, fasted ,weeped before the Lord about this situation, but the guy remains in my spirit.
    I will hold on, hard as it is and trust God’s timing.
    I thank God for this blog, one day I will come back here and testify to God’s glory.


  29. This is beautiful and very encoraging. Everything you have said in this post as well as the initial post about how to operate when God reveals who your husband is, is a confirmation of what I was already feeling I needed to do,but I have been in a place of doubt. Your blog was the first thing I came across and every word spoke to my spirit. Continue to do what you are doing and bringing people to christ through your testimonies and wisdom. Much love.


  30. Beautiful testimony! First, I would like to say Congratulations to you both! Secondly, your testimony really touched me because I’m in the process of waiting for my husband and at times feel lost. You said that you did not date. That was interesting to me because I was also told by my Pastor that God didn’t intend for us to date. I am currently casually dating and in the process of that, I feel lost. Your words are very inspiring to me and it really makes me want to stop what I’m doing and really hear from God. I’ll try your approach, God’s approach. Thanks! Be blessed!


  31. Thanks for sharing your testimony, it’s a real blessing to read because it makes me want to give my all to God and have faith in his timing. Thank again. Blessings to you and your family


  32. What a blessing. I guess the longer the wait the more God has to work on you. I believe God spoke to my heart back in 2006. I grew impatient and doubtful, ended up marry someone else and suffered because of it. Now divorced, I’m a bit doubtful and questioning again but I know not to move. Please pray with me that I receive a clear answer.


  33. Hello Deborah,
    Thank you for sharing your Love story. I can relate with every bit of it. Indeed the things we go through are not for us only but to help many that may be going through those phases in Life. I wish I had landed on this post way earlier, but hope its not too late because I kind of tried to give him hints.

    Here is my story..

    I was still at University when I kept on seeing this gentleman in my dreams and also strong convictions that he is the one. Way back in college, I was born again and loved God. In my innocence I told him Lord, I would want to know my husband in the Spirit first before the physical. We should meet there and chat get to know each other before the physical. That prayer has tried my patience ntill today. I have been with him in Spirit having fun together and chatting for hours but not much here in the physical.

    So now, he is a minister of a big ministry. He keeps on telling God he wants to get married but am here thinking what are you waiting for. He is a very spiritual man. As scripture says in proverbs, that a kings heart is like a river and he directs it wherever he chooses. In this regard, I feel I have no choice but to be drawned to this gentleman.If i had a choice probably i would be married or dating other men. Its been even hard going out on dates with other men that show interest in me. I would feel like am sinning or something . I feel whats upon his life is heavier than I .

    Even when he is ministering I feel I draw out the best in him and he knows it.(if i got out of him of course) Though we have never talked about it. One time , I got mad at him and that week we had to go for a crusade where he was preaching. Every time am not at peace with with him there is a way things don’t seem to move especially during ministry. This scares me sometimes. But its a key the Lord gave me years ago that whatever I ask of him in meetings he will do. So when we are not in sync his ministry doesn’t flow as it should have. In line with scripture i would relate it to.

    Husbands, in the same way be considerate as you live with your wives, and treat them with respect as the weaker partner and as heirs with you of the gracious gift of life, so that nothing will hinder your prayers. (1 Peter 3:7)

    So that day , I noticed he needed my help but myself I couldn’t because my mind was clouded. So by the next evening for another crusade i had to make sure i was at peace. I prayed about it and prayed for him too and sent him encouraging message. That day the power of God moved mightily, healings took place and thousands got born again. During the entire time, I was in proximity with where he could see me and vice versa interceding. I blessed the Lord. The same happened the next day.

    There are many examples of such. The Lord has granted me the authority to change the atmosphere any time by His Grace.

    Let me talk about the physical now.
    He gives me eye contact so much and likes to check me out. We literally look at each other most of the time from a distance.Even when he is ministering he looks my direction ever.. that even some people started to notice. But when I try to chat with him a little he acts like he is not interested in a long conversation. So I also cut it short am move. This has been going on for years that’s it got me frustrated. If he is the one why doesn’t he make the effort for us to meet, or talk more often you know. So that’s how the doubts come in.

    I have tried to fight it a 1000 time but each time doesn’t work. I even tried dating another spiritual man but it didn’t last long for no good reason. Just like that. Then there is a way I would feel drawn to him, like I want to be where he is and think of him a lot . All this wasn’t in my control. I thought may be the Lord wants me to be near him and not far away. I don’t want anything that is not of my Lord… The Lord owns my heart that I have no choice about what I think i want but what he guides my heart to desire and want.

    Sometimes I feel if this is not of the Lord then probably I have never heard God speak all my Life. But again I don’t want to hang on uncertainty for something that am not sure when it will happen. Its been a while I feel I got out of him because of the way the Lord uses me to ease his ministry. That doesn’t happen for every one. I find myself praying for him more than I pray for myself.

    The mistake I made was to respond to his body language and think that may now he knows we are meant to be. I have been sending him texts with scriptures and also maintaining eye contact and all. Even when he is playing sports, I would notice him motivated when am around than when am not. In my absence he ends them early but when am around they tend to go on and on because he is motivated I thought. I have tried to be there for him.

    But now I feel discouraged because I asked him indirectly what he is waiting for and he claims he doesn’t want us to have relationship. So am thinking, why all the eye contact clues. The spiritual confirmations over and over again. Now I have decided to leave it to God , and even may be consider dating some as they come. Am still a virgin so don’t worry i don’t intend to defile the bed before marriage. A certain part of me is not heart broken, i feel this may not be over yet. I feel rested in God. But i don’t want to hearken to familiar spirits especially after him saying he doesn’t want a relationship beyond him being my pastor.

    Please pray for me and advise … Its for a purpose. Am only interested in living my purpose as a helper. Should I hold on or move on with other men of God? Thanks


  34. I’m speechless !!God is sooo good!
    Dear Deborah, I believe that God reveals and gives confirmation.
    This Year in Jan 2nd, I met a young man while I was at the Aiport, before that I met this person I received a prophetic word about it, and 4 days after I met him while I was praying and fasting , I received this Word from the bible:

    International Standard Version
    I prayed for this boy, and the LORD granted me the request I asked of him.
    1 Samuel 1: 27

    I admite that I have a lot of doubts, please pray for me, the circumtances seems imposible but I believe that nothing is imposible for Him.
    I’m praying for Him since the day that I met him almost 1 year.


  35. I’m just curious as to exactly how God told you. How did you know it was from God and not your flesh?

    I am now a 39 year old virgin and have believed since my early 20s that I should marry a friend without dating. When you get to be my age it gets to be rough when you want to have kids, and you are watching your friends with kids graduate from high school. This is going to be the first Christmas that is extremely difficult. I see pictures of people with their families with kids on their tippy toes barely looking over the counter, but I’m without a family. My faith is being super tested over these past couple years, and I have to stop myself from allowing the devil to take over my thinking. I read your blog on do’s and donts. Every single one has been tested. I have given it some thought to settle for less, but my convictions are so strong that I couldn’t do it. I once had a dream that I was at the alter, crying, and marrying a guy I didn’t want to marry. I never imagined that I wouldn’t be married at this age. It becomes even more difficult when I only meet a man who I considered to be evenly yoked once every 7-10 years. I just find men very worldly today. I have yet to meet a Christian man who thinks kissing is for the altar. Then I meet a Christian man this summer at bible study. I did not find him attractive at all. Ugly infact. After his first attendance the older lady at church comes up to me and says, “Did you see there was an attractive, Godly Christian man at bible study the other night?” Week after week, month after month, he would bring up these serious beliefs and convictions. The same ones I have. Topic studies most Christians have never studied in the same depth. We both have goals of being missionaries. Then through hurricane circumstances we spent an extended amount of time together. We read the bible, listened to worship music, watched Christian You Tube videos, and talked about the Lord for nearly 4 days. Everything that makes a man look attractive to me. He told us in bible study, and continues to this day that he only believes in love at first sight. He finds me super attractive, but has some super peculiar beliefs about how God will show him his wife. I fell for the ugly one because of his faith, which btw he is not ugly at all. Earlier this summer he was stating exactly what he wanted in a woman. I thought he was subliminally telling me it was me, but I wasn’t interested. It is so hard knowing I may have to wait another 7-10 years before I meet the next guy like this.


  36. The Lord told me my husbands name years ago, and I have had many, many confirmations through other people and God has also revealed a lot of confirmations to me, but now he has been dating a girl for 4 months and is in another country with her meeting her family. I have been trusting God for years, I am just needing prayer, and insight please. It’s all so confusing. I had a friend who told me there are plenty of other guys out there looking for a wonderful Christian girl, but I don’t want to give up on God’s promise either. Please help.


    • Sister I pray that God will reveal his perfect will in this situation! May God show you clearly if this is of him or not! God is very factual as well as supernatural.
      He would Not have you wasting years of your life on anything He has said would come to pass, especially if it has the potential of becoming an an idol and taking your focus away from our Savior! I say this because for 7 years I waited, prayed, fasted and held to the promise (false hope) for a guy in my church, whom I believed through mind blowing “confirmation” that he was the one, I got his name, and many other things as “confirmations” that he was going to be my husband! (My story is on the top followed by a year later update!) It wasn’t until I read a book by Rochelle LaVow titled “God Told Me You’re My Spouse “The Truth Behind this Deception in the Church” that one night I honestly prayed and surrendered my will to God, and he Showed me in a dream that very night, that this man was Someone I knew from church husband to be! when I woke up from this dream, I heard in my spirit “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” weeks Later the dream was confirmed he got engaged to the girl in my dream and there wedding is in March, 2018. At first I was confused, angry, hurt, and wanted to even leave the church, I was so devastated and felt so lost, not only this but The Lord had asked me to stay in the same church, as a human this is extremely hard, but glory to God he has healed me, and has given me strength to stay, looking back I see God had said no from the very beginning but because I was walking in the flesh and not the spirit I was easily deceived by the enemy! John 10:10


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