Break Free from People Pleasing

Growing up I was very quiet and shy, I didn’t have a lot of friends, I was never popular and was talked about a lot by my peers. I’ve been a pastor’s kid all my life so I was always told as a child to watch what I do and say because people (church people) were always watching and I, along with my siblings, had to set a good example at all times. Due to all of these factors (and others), fear gripped me at a young age. Continue reading “Break Free from People Pleasing”


What is Comparison

Comparison. That thing we do where we look at our life and someone else’s life and judge ourselves based on what we have/don’t have compared to that person… that thing where we judge ourselves as inadequate because we don’t look like, have, or act like someone else we may admire in a certain area. As people, we compare seasons, relationships, possessions, roles, statuses, and so on. But do we really know the negative consequences it has on our walk with God and how God really feels about it? Continue reading “Comparison”

Are You More Loyal to Your Friends Than You Are to Christ?

Many of us have friends that we absolutely love to death and would do just about anything for. They’ve been with us through many seasons and are practically like family to us. We can’t ever see ourselves parting ways with them because they’ve almost become a part of us. Now there’s nothing wrong with any of this, God created friendships for many great reasons such as growth, edification, and companionship. Friendships are an awesome thing, especially when they are specifically put together by God. The problem begins when we start loving our friends more than we love God. Continue reading “Are You More Loyal to Your Friends Than You Are to Christ?”